Glycerin Soaps


Our handmade glycerin soaps are made of pure, vegetable based glycerin and other natural ingredients which are animal, people, and earth friendly.  Each soap is depicted below with descriptions of the fragrance.

Single bars in organza bag:               $ 5.00.
2 bars in one organza bag:                $ 9.00
3 bars in one organza bag:                $12.99
4+ bars: $4.25 ea

Discounts applied once items have been placed in your cart. $15.00 minimum website order amount including all products (soaps, lotions, anti-aging, etc.).

citrus cilantro soap 600x600 $5.00
cool water soap 600x600 $5.00
cucumber melon soap 600x600 $5.00
cape cod soap 600x600 $5.00
blue nile musk soap 600x600 $5.00
Glycerin Soap, Asian Plum $5.00
Black cherry glcerin soap $5.00
pear glace soap 600x600 $5.00
ginger lime soap 600x600 $5.00
pink grapefruit soap 600x600 $5.00
sun and sand soap 600x600 $5.00
tangerine spice soap 600x600 $5.00
muscle remedy soap 600x600 $5.00
lemon lemon lemon soap 600x600 $5.00
lime margarita soap 600x600 $5.00
mango tea soap 600x600 $5.00
Photo of Island Coconut soap by Seascape Soapworks in Westbrook CT $5.00
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Our handmade glycerin soaps are made of pure, vegetable based glycerin and other natural ingredients which are animal, people, and earth friendly.  Glycerin is a natural moisturizer of skin, a humectant that draws moisture to your cells.  Our glycerin soaps are pleasurable to use.  They lather quickly, clean without upsetting the natural pH balance of your skin, and rinse off completely leaving no drying residue.  They are presented to you in a variety of carefully selected and blended scents and fragrance oils. Bars are presented in organza bags.   Each soap is depicted below with descriptions of the fragrance.

Asian Plum
A strikingly deep amethyst color translucent bar with a subtle blend of the sweetness of plum blended with orchid, daffodil, jasmine, musk, and vanilla. Light and aromatic.

Black Cherry
Rich, bursting with flavor, the cherriest of cherry scent

Blue Nile Musk
A very light Egyptian musk. A subtle fragrance which is clean yet earthy, herbal yet woodsy, and very sexy.

Cape Cod
Cape Cod in the fall. A cranberry colored soap with a clean, fresh, exotic aromatic blend of the tart and fruity fragrances of cranberry and spice

Citrus Cilantro
A gentle fragrance combining the earthiness of herbs with the zest of citrus. A spa like fragrance.

Cool Water
A unisex scent; a blend of marine fragrance with touches of green mint, cedarwood, and musk.

Cucumber Melon
Juicy, fruity, and downright delicious

French Vanilla Pear
Juicy, fresh pear fragrance is elevated by a touch of vanilla.

Ginger Lime
A light fragrance blend of ginger and lime with a hint of orange and apple. A wedge of soap shaped like a lime section completes the playful look of the bar.

Lime Margarita
The perfect festive anytime lime fragrance; refreshing and cooling with scents of lime, plum, raspberry and peach, along with the traditional (bath) salt.

Mango Tea
It’s light, it’s fruity, a little sweet and one of our best selling soaps.

Myer Lemon
Myer lemons add a touch of sweetness to the tart, juicy fragrance of lemon. Clean and crisp.

Muscle Rescue
A neon green soap with the aroma therapy essential oil blends of eucalyptus, citrus, rosemary, and peppermint to sooth sore muscles, reduce congestion and make you breathe easier and smell fresh and clean.

Pink Grapefruit
A pretty and pale pink bar with the fragrance of unadorned, tart, simple, crisp grapefruit. Fresh and fruity and embedded with a wedge of soap shaped like a lime slice.

Sun & Sand
Picture blue seas, splashing upon a golden sand. The fragrance of a warm day at the beach, salt water, sand, and sun tan oil.

A translucent orange bar with an embedded slice of soap fabricated orange slice. A citrusy, fruity bar with the blended fragrance of orange and tangerine, making it tart and sweet.

About Our Soaps

  • Contain only the finest grade vegetable glycerin
  • Are made in small batches
  • Are moisturizing and gentle to the skin
  • Have a rich and creamy lather
  • Rinse off skin completely
  • Are made from bases that are animal, people, and earth friendly

About Our Glycerin Soap

  • Made of pure, vegetable based glycerin and natural ingredients
  • Gentle and moisturizing to the skin
  • Superior lather
  • Meets vegan guidelines